Hi! Thanks for checking on us, we sure appreciate it. I bet you are wondering what this space is really about?

The simple answer is: Protecting your privacy on the Internet, well and beyond if you so desire – being invisible; think Jason Bourne, for those who watched the movie. Just not quite that extreme, bringing that movie magic to real life would be daunting.

Being invisible has nothing to do with doing anything illegal, although many people equate the two. It is not illegal to protect your personal information from prying eyes, after all you do send letters in envelopes, don’t you?

We are  people from all around the globe believing that everyone has the right to privacy and to decide what information they want to share and with whom. We strongly believe in the right to freedom of speech, uncensored and free of fear of persecution no matter what your nationality or place of residence.

The Internet turned privacy into somewhat of an endangered species. While more attention could have been paid to protecting individuals, powerful interests worked tirelessly to make sure that this wouldn’t happen. After all, the more one knows the more powerful one becomes…

While it might seem simple to protect your personal information online and offline, it is more complicated than we would have ever imagined. Part of our world is transitioning from offline to online and with it the responsibility to protect personal information. Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as not using the Internet or living like Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island.

This is what keeps us up at night and we usually end up thinking up solutions on how to solve a problem, which we then put to the test. Many actually fail miserably, but some work. This site is our way to share what we learn and some topic-related stuff we read about.

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