The Hacker Group Antisec Released 1 Million UDIDs of Apple iOS Devices

Last night Antisec has released about 1 million unique identifiers (UDIDs) from Apple iOS devices as reported on several news sites this morning. As scary as that may sound it is not clear what security or privacy implications this hack will have, as nobody seems to know what one could potentially do with this information.

If you are concerned you can check your UDID(s) against the database of leaked UDID(s) here.

Antisec didn’t release all 12 Million UDIDs they apparently had access to and withheld identifying information. While I understand the FBI tracking a certain number of people, I am not quite sure what they need information about 12 Million devices for or how they got their hands on the data in the first place.

Next I’d be curious to know for what purpose they needed 12 Million UDIDs, or why Apple is hard-coding unique identifiers into their devices in the first place…


Picture by Gudlyf on Flickr

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