Black Friday VPN Deals 2019

As part of protecting our privacy we always suggest to use a VPN. Black Friday is coming up and retailers are falling all over themselves to get your money, VPN providers are no different. We’ve put together a brief post to help you decide which VPNs are worth buying, and those that aren’t. We don’t want to bore you with long lists of features that every VPN has anyway, so this post focuses mostly on differences and sale pricing.

We cover the VPN space all year round and there is almost always a sale going on. VPN providers, just like other service providers offer different packages that, when scrutinized, are all essentially the same. The only reason why one sale ends, is so another can start tomorrow – saving you a whole lot of nothing! To make the choice easier for you, we have looked at the pricing for a few providers over the last couple of months to see which deals are worth considering. Spoiler Alert: Most of them aren’t that is why our list is rather short! Just as a side note, a VPN subscription also makes a great gift, especially when you need it last minute. It only takes a second…

So lets dive right in:


One of our favorite VPN providers is ProtonVPN from the makers of ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

ProtonVPN isn’t inexpensive and they don’t’ offer many discounts throughout the year, so if you want to great deal on ProtonVPN now through the end of the November is your chance to save up to 50% of the full price. The Plus Plan (usually USD 8.00/month billed as $96) currently is on sale for USD 3.25/month for one year (billed as $39), or USD 3.00/month if you want to subscribe for 2 years (billed as $72). You’ll get the biggest bang for the buck if you subscribe to the ProtonMail and ProtonVPN bundle for 2 years at USD 7.50/month (billed as $180).

What makes ProtonVPN stand out?

ProtonVPN uses only encryption cyphers that do not have any known vulnerabilities to keep your Internet activities safe and secure from prying eyes. Next to standard VPN features, ProtonVPN keeps no logs, uses perfect forward secrecy, routes DNS queries through the VPN tunnel and thereby preventing DNS leaks, Tor over VPN and Secure Core, where ProtonVPN routes your traffic through special, hardened servers before it reaches the end server in a country of your choice.

If you want one of the most secure VPNs currently on the market at a great price, be sure to subscribe before the end of the month!

Get 50% Off of Proton VPN


If you are into P2P and streaming IPVanish is a great option to mask your true location, protect your identity and stop your ISP from throttling your connection speed. IPVanish is a US-based VPN provider that keeps no logs, offers unlimited bandwidth, great speeds and up to 10 simultaneous connections, so your entire family only needs a single subscription. Their pricing is already competitive, but until December 3rd you can save up to 73% over their regular pricing. Their annual plan is on sale for only USD 3.25/month (billed as $39) which is a whooping 73% off, the quarterly plan costs USD 4.50/month (billed as $13.50) for the first 3 months, and the monthly plan is only USD 5.00 for the first month.

While the quarterly and monthly offer looks cheap, please keep in mind that after the offer period ends, you will be billed the regular price, hence our tip for IPVanish is to subscribe for a year because the other options get rather pricey after the discounted pricing expires!

Get IPVanish VPN for $3.25/month

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