Facebook – The End of Privacy?

When it comes to privacy, Facebook is on a mission to eliminate it at all cost. The now publicly traded company is every marketing company’s and spy agency’s wildest dream come true, gathering information about social relationship and intimate details of more than a billion active monthly users. Knowing Facebook, Google and cohorts are collecting and analyzing our data to provide targeted advertising is one thing, but the thought that my data is stored for eternity, making it possible for anyone with access to recreate my life in vivid detail at any give point in time is disturbing. (Assange: Google, Facebook run ‘side projects’ for US spooks)

Does it really matter that Facebook made its privacy settings easier to navigate? Our privacy is under attack and Facebook, while certainly not the only one, is the most public and serial offender. The latest changes to their privacy policies don’t sit well with users reports RT. 600,000 Facebook users voted against the changes in just 5 days, but Facebook changed their privacy policies anyway, shedding light on its disregard for user input. Facebook confirmed that it will begin to ‘monetize’ Instagram, the highly popular photo sharing service they purchased for 1 Billion USD last April. They were unspecific about what this monetization would look like and if it will be limited to displaying ads next to content. While it is fun to share content with friends and family, I would be cautious what pictures to share on Instagram and whom I share those with, considering Facebook’s track record regarding privacy.

In summary, Facebook, its current and future ‘affiliates’, are the antithesis to privacy. If privacy is important to you,  as it is to many of our readers, I urge you to consider your participation in social networks carefully and if you do partake, to use an alias and fake information making it more difficult, hence costly, to identify the real you.

Image Credit: marcopako

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