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Invisibler is all about protecting your privacy (and ours), therefore this post will seem like heresy for the very simple reason that it is!

OK, with this warning out of the way lets look at something else you can do with a VPN, something many people haven’t yet thought of, but something that can come in handy, especially if you are into streaming content such as movies and TV shows, and that is virtually residing in a different country.

Copyright and VPN

The reason why this might come in handy has do with the convoluted and overly complicated licensing of entertainment content, you know the stuff the RIAA and MPAA want you to pay a lot of money for, music and movies. So, why sell something once when you can make money with it over and over again? Welcome to the world of entertainment and copyright.

For Netflix to offer you movies and TV shows they have to either produce those themselves, which they are doing quite well thank you, or license it from studios and TV stations around the globe. Most of those licenses are region specific and because you can stream Netflix from anywhere where you have an Internet connection licensing has become really complicated.

That’s where it gets tricky…

Netflix’s catalogue differs vastly from region to region (i.e country to country) with the majority of the good stuff available in just a few places, mainly the US, Canada and Europe.

So why not move there? Virtually that is…

Customers picked up on this rather quickly, even before Netflix was widely available around the globe. You can easily circumvent those pesky region restrictions by virtually moving to a different country with the help of, yes you guessed it, a VPN. Some people went to great length to make this work, and it worked really well; so well indeed that the MPAA demanded from Netflix to enforce those previously mentioned region restrictions.

In an effort to enforce their contractual obligations, Netflix was forced to stop subscribers who had been using a VPN to hide their real location from accessing the service. They accomplished this by blocking IP addresses from known VPN servers, leaving everyone connecting through those servers hanging out to dry, a virtual game of whack-a-mole if you wish. A VPN provider sets up a new server, it works for a while for streaming, Netflix blocks the IP address, nothing new here…

Take a deep breath, there is a solution…

HideMyAss (aka HMA), one of the world’s largest VPN providers, has come up with a solution to allow you to access Netflix from outside the US once again. If you live outside the US simply connect to their Liberty Island server, which you can find under cities in HMA’s app, and voila, problem solved!

Does it work?

We put it to the test and, much to our surprise, it works perfectly. But knowing how quickly Netflix blocks new VPN servers we reached out to HMA to make sure this isn’t just a short-term fix and they confirmed that they found a way to circumvent Netflix’s blocking attempts. They were a little vague about how exactly they are doing it…


It almost pains me to suggest that you should subscribe to HMA! Pro VPN to watch Netflix or other streaming services, especially from outside the US. But privacy isn’t an issue here and considering the subscription price you will be saving money even after streaming just a few movies throughout the year that you now won’t have to purchase.

To sweeten the deal HMA is offering their service at a reduced price starting on May 3rd and lasting until May 31st:

1 month $9.99 (13% off)
6 month $39.96 (42% off)
12 month $59.88 (57% off)

Stream away and let us know how it is working for you in the comments!


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