How to Watch the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Online

Friday evening I found out that watching the 2016 Rio Olympics online is actually more difficult than I thought. I haven’t subscribed to cable in over a decade and I do all, however little that may be, of my TV watching online.

Unsurprisingly NBC decided to only allow cable subscribers to watch their coverage online, requiring cable provider authentication. But even those who have access to NBC’s Olympic coverage complain that there are too many commercials and the streaming is spotty.

A quick Google search served up a bunch of nonsense and spammy sites with questionable content. Obviously the Spamisphere is all over the event trying to make a quick buck. Then I discovered that BBC has live coverage of every sport and the access to the Olympic live streams is free via their BBC iPlayer. However you must be in the UK or a region that has access to the BBC’s content in order to watch the live broadcast on BBC. Then it hit me, I already have a VPN account with HideMyAss. All I really need to do is to select a VPN server in the UK, which will automatically assign me an UK IP address, and allow me to access the BBC’s live Olympic broadcast right here in Florida.

Just as expected, after selecting a VPN server in London, UK, within seconds, I was logged on to the BBC site where I could access all the content without all those annoying commercials!

Select UK VPN Server to watch 2012 Olympics from BBC

Select VPN Servers From UK

If you prefer, you can also watch Canada’s CBC by selecting a Canadian VPN server and going to; they too have great coverage of the Rio Olympics.

Sometime I wonder whether news travels faster than sound these days. 20 minutes after I put  this post online, two VPN companies contacted me with their “Summer Olympic VPN  Specials”.  I suppose they realized many people are unhappy with NBC’s Olympic coverage and are looking for alternatives online. Good news for those interested in VPN service right now, you can save money and the discounts remains even after the Rio Olympic games are over. Here are some of the offers you should check out:

  • Hidemyass Olympic Summer Sports Special Offer

    HideMyAss “Summer Sports Special”

  • PureVPN Summer Olympics Offer

    PureVPN “Summer Olympics Offer”

I personally favor Hidemyass because they have the largest amount of IP addresses (easier to obtain an IP in your desired country). But there are many others VPN services that are just as good and fast as HideMyAss. Pick one and start enjoying the games commercial free.

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