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Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings – Careful Using US-Based Companies

The EU considers US surveillance a “grave threat” to EU sovereignty. Rightfully so, as all data stored in public US clouds is subject to mass surveillance by US authorities. The EU considers personal privacy a fundamental right of any European citizen, which is obviously incompatible with warrantless mass-surveillance (FISA), as recently reauthorized for another 5…

Facebook HQ

Facebook – The End of Privacy?

When it comes to privacy, Facebook is on a mission to eliminate it at all cost. The now publicly traded company is every marketing company’s and spy agency’s wildest dream come true, gathering information about social relationship and intimate details of more than a billion active monthly users. Knowing Facebook, Google and cohorts are collecting…

The Borg - You will be assimilated!

Your Privacy is Under Attack – Facebook

Facebook, the Borg-Collective of the Internet, is making headlines about its Privacy Policies again. With over a billion Facebook “citizens”, larger than any country except China and India, any changes to Facebook’s policies are a big deal. How worried should you be? Facebook wants to change three major things, how it shares information with affiliates,…

Sharing is Great, But it Could Come With a Cost!

Insurance companies apparently found yet another way to reduce their losses. An article by the UK’s Daily Mail claims that in the future claims could be rejected if customers had been ‘reckless’ with information they posted online. A spokeswoman for Hiscox Insurance admits it would consider rejecting applications outright from celebrities who write about their personal lives on Twitter because they are making themselves vulnerable to being targeted.