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In August of 2012, we linked to an interview with William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistle-blower about domestic spying on our website: Invisibler. The interview revealed the NSA’s data gathering and analytical capabilities.  According to Binney, the NSA can construct elaborate social graphs on everyone about whom they have data; It doesn’t matter if that person is a US citizen or foreign national, has committed or is suspected of having committed any crime. Probably most disturbing were his comments about the NSA’s ability to use mobile phones to track and record even when they are turned OFF!

In May 2013 the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald started to publish documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and we learned about the length the US government is willing to go to obtain information about anyone, at any time, for any reason, clearly violating the intend of the US Constitution, hence the civil liberties of its own population.

At this point it should come at no surprise that you are being tracked whenever and wherever possible. The government has sophisticated computer algorithms to construct rather elaborate social graphs on anyone they choose, apparently without much oversight and for any reason. The most pervasive tracking device of all is your mobile phone. Not only do you have it with you wherever you go and it contains your most personal, hence private, data, but it has recording and transmitting capabilities that are out of our control (according to Binney) and go far beyond what we ever imagined. If that doesn’t make you feel at least a bit uneasy it certainly should, and right now you might be wondering what you can do about it. Enter SilentPocket…

About SilentPocket

SilentPocket, a California company, has developed lined leather goods that shield mobile devices from any type of transmission. One of their popular products, Suit Pocket, can instantly silence any mobile devices you put in it. Once you put your mobile devices into Suit Pocket, they will be completely isolated from the rest of the world. The shielding technology used in these products blocks RFID, NFC, GPS, CDMA, GSM, 3G/4G/LTE, Bluetooth, and any other kind of signals, to and from your mobile devices, making it impossible for anyone, even your mobile provider, to track you. SilentPocket keeps your personal data private and, most importantly, puts you back in the driver’s seat in regard to your privacy!

Suit Pocket

Because Invisibler is all about keeping your private information private, we were very interested when we found their products online and decided to purchase one so we could test it and see whether it works. So for the last month SilentPocket’s Suit Pocket has been my daily companion, I took it with me on every one of my trips, and I travel a lot. Here is what I/we discovered:

The product (Suit Pocket) arrived promptly and well packaged. There were no instructions included. To use it, you simply open the magnetic opening, slip your mobile device inside, and the magnets immediately close the pocket, shielding your mobile device’s transmissions completely. But we didn’t take their word for it and tested the Suit Pocket with GSM phones, a GPS receiver, a bluetooth device and a passport with RFID chip. Without the Suit Pocket we were able to access and contact the devices normally, just as we expected, but once they were enclosed in the Suit Pocket all transmission stopped and it was as if they had vanished from the planet.

The material and craftsmanship are excellent and the size of the Suit Pocket will fit just about any mobile phone easily. At first, it seemed to me that the Suit Pocket looked a bit over-sized for my iPhone 5. However, when I needed to travel internationally I was glad it was big enough to hold my passport and my second mobile phone, making it impossible for identity thieves to gain access to any of my personal information.

What else can you use Suit Pocket for?

I quickly discovered other uses for the Suit Pocket. Typically my phone rings and beeps all day, and occasionally all night. When I don’t want to be disturbed, such as when I am sleeping or I am in a meeting, I can simply slide my phone into the Suit Pocket and without me having to click through menus to turn on airplane mode or turning it off completely. If you are concerned about electromagnetic waves disturbing your sleep, but want to keep your mobile phone close by like me, then the Suit Pocket is the solution. When I wake up, I simply take the phone out, it reconnects right away and updates me with voice-mails, SMS and emails, it really couldn’t be more convenient.


I really like SilentPocket’s Suit Pocket! SilentPocket products block your mobile devices very effectively from any type of unwanted transmission. Their products are well made and look great. The leather is supple and your devices are protected from scratches and minor impacts once inside. They offer larger pockets for tablets and also wallets to protect your IDs and credit cards. Silent-Pocket gets a clear thumbs up from us, so check them out at !


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