Video Revealed the NSA’s Top-Secret Efforts to Spy on U.S. Citizens

Documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras interviewed William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistle-blower about domestic spying.

This mind-blowing, short clip reveals details of the NSA’s top-secret “domestic” spying program, Stellar Wind, which began under Bush/Cheney/Tennet/Hayden shortly after 9/11. Benney estimates that a facility being build in UT will be able to hold about 100 years worth of the world’s electronic communication.

This information is being gathered on American citizens without warrant or sufficient oversight, subverting the constitution and legal process, the idea being that collecting the data doesn’t qualify as an intercept, however the software, according to Binney, will start creating profiles on everybody in that data automatically. This will allow the government and law-enforcement to access information after-the-fact and build a detailed time-line of a persons or community’s life since 2001, involving anybody in the country.

This “highly-classified” project apparently was only highly classified to protect the impeachable crimes the Bush/Cheney government were committing. In 2004 Justice Department officials threatened to resign because Stellar Wind violated the law. Binney considers the secrecy of the program a danger to our democracy, comparing it to programs the KGB and former East Germany’s Stasi would have loved to have.

I think the dangers in such activities conducted by the US Government are easy to see, especially when these programs lack independent oversight and control. While I might not agree with a lot of actions by Wikileaks and Anonymous, they provide the insights the US Government is desperately trying to hide from the public. So much for government by the people and for the people.

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  1. I support program like this 100% because I have nothing to hide. If it helps track down the terrorists and criminals buried in our society , I am for it. It will make U.S. stronger than ever before.

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